Welcome to the Info Pages of SONS Reparatursysteme GmbH, Hamminkeln/Germany.

Our offer is aimed primarily at Automotive Service Centres, Accident Repair Specialists, Automotive Windscreen and Glass Specialists, in fact, to all businesses, large and small in these market segments.

Repair instead of Replacement - that's our motto!

Interested in special tools for stone chip repair on  laminated safety glass and high-quality adhesive products for plastic trim on all types of vehicles? Then you are in the right place! Add this website to your favourites, and keep coming back. You’ll be the first to know of new developments and opportunities!

SONS Profi Windscreen-Repair-Kit
SONS MIX Plastic Repair Compounds

Our systems enable environmentally-friendly, profitable, cost effective and speedy repairs to glass and plastic components on cars, trains, boats, caravans, motorhomes and trucks!

Repair solutions help protect our environment!

Why throw away a square meter of glass (about the size of the average windscreen) just because of a tiny amount of damage?
Laminated Windscreens are made up of 2 layers of glass bonded together with a transparent film between them. The production is expensive and polluting. Disposal of the old screen also has a negative impact on the environment.

Why replace scratched glass on cars, buses and trains if it’s possible and more economical to remove these scratches?

3M ™ ‘s proven Sanding and polishing system for scratched glass surfaces returns damaged glass to optical perfection. From 1 to 3 grinding steps followed by the polishing stage are all that is required. Replacement is avoided, so effort & environmental impact are reduced.

Why replace a car bumper just because of a little “parking damage”? Especially when it’s quicker and cheaper to repair it!

A repair is usually much cheaper than replacement of a windscreen or plastic component. It also avoids burdening the environment is drastically reduced because:
The“old” part isn’t going into Landfill or another disposal method.
Consumption of Energy & Raw Materials, involved in production of new parts is avoided.
Pollution resulting from production of new parts is also avoided.

That’s why we offer our Environmentally Friendly & Cost-Effective Solutions:

Auto glass repair tool kits...

...allow you to:

profitably and reliably carry out professional stone chip repairs.

Take part in the market which involves over 80% of individual car insurance claims.
Car Windscreens are important safety-related components. They contribute to the rigidity of the vehicle body. Windscreens are also key to the deployment of air bags, so it’s vitally important that damaged windscreens are ​​immediately repaired or replaced.

Our windscreen repair tool kits are fully equipped with Special Tools, Special UV Activated Repair Resin and an Energy-Saving UV Lamp. All this ensures that you have everything to repair windscreen stone-chips in the most professional and environmentally friendly manner.

Legislation in the last few years has recognised the advances in technology which now allow for effective, durable and safe repairs to damaged windscreens. Professional Repairs using SONS Windscreen Repair Systems are fully acceptable for MOT tests.

Compared to windscreen replacement, repairs using SONS Windscreen Repair Kits protect motorists from higher insurance costs, because most insurance companies welcome and encourage the repairing of windscreens where possible,  and reimburse the full cost of repairs, waiving excess charges, and allowing claims for windscreen repairs without affecting the policy-holder’s No-Claims Bonus.

Plastic repair Compounds ...

... for Efficient, Cost-Effective and Profitable Repairs to Cosmetic and Structural Plastic Components!

Following on from the success of our auto glass repair systems, SONS plastic repair Systems offer a “minimal intervention” alternative to costly, time consuming & environmentally unfriendly replacement.

Damaged plastic components on cars, trucks, caravans and  utility vehicles can also most often be repaired instead of replaced.

Using Our SONS-Mix ® plastic adhesive and repair compounds; professional workshops can easily, permanently and profitably repair  scuffing, cracks and holes in bumpers, sills, spoilers, rocker panels and mirror housings. Because these parts do not need to be disposed of and replaced by newly manufactured ones, the burden on the environment is drastically reduced.

SONS-Mix® Plastic Repair Systems and Compounds are recommended by leading insurance companies because of their cost-saving, time saving and environmental advantages.