Stone-Chip Repair on Laminated Glass Windshields – What’s allowed?

These repairs are legally permitted:

  • Outside the driver’s direct field of view (1): specified as a 29 cm square, within the sweep of the wiperblade.
  • Cracks not longer than 5cm nor extending to the edge of the windscreen.
  • Stonechip craters no wider than 5mm.
  • Inner Screen and middle laminate undamaged.

Thus, according to statistics approximately 70 percent of damaged windshields, can be repaired.

Why repair?

• Increased Sales/Workshop Utilisation
If stone chip damage is found when the car is in the repair shop, staff can make the customer aware of the possibility of repair, so that the damage can be quickly resolved without the need for another visit.

Customer Loyalty
The customer recognizes the expertise and service of workshop personnel, is satisfied and does not move to a different workshop, because he feels well looked after.

• Freedom of Choice
Should the damage not be repairable, it will be necessary for the windshield to be replaced by qualified staff using original parts.

• No Costs *

Most Drivers will find that this is at no cost to them, because most insurance companies waive the motorist’s excess on these types of repairs.
There’s also no negative effect on the driver’s no-claims bonus.

• Signed and Sealed
SONS repair method is approved and authorised by the Federal Minister for Transport (No. 4 in the transport sheet published by 06/02/1986), there are no concerns. All technical safety organizations (TÜV, DEKRA, CWT, GTÜ others) attest to a professional stone chip repair, and the currency of the approval.

* Check first with the driver’s insurance company!


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