Plastic Component Repairs

SONS-Mix® Plastic Repair Systems are high quality products for structural and cosmetic repairs of plastic parts on all kinds of vehicles.
Covering a very comprehensive, range of repairs including: cracks, holes, chips or scratches to bumpers, spoilers, door sills and skirts, and just about all other plastic body parts are no problem.

SONS-Mix® - Plastic Repair Compounds form a permanently flexible, fast curing repair which bonds tenaciously to almost all plastics. Structured plastic surfaces are textured after repair and can be painted.

Conventional repairs involve replacing the damaged the bumper with a new part.
The use of SONS-Mix® - Plastic Repair System renders the replacement of the faulty component unnecessary. It therefore saves the vehicle owner time and money. Workshops that focus on repairs and thus offer our modern Smart Repair System are likely to be better patronised, and can play their part in active, long-term environmental protection.

The structural and cosmetic repair of Plastic Parts: Bumpers, Spoilers, Headlight Mounts, Roof Boxes, Bike Covers and Mirror Housings, etc., even GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) on Caravans, Mobile Homes, Sports Boats and Truck Bodies. Recycled Plastics can also be reliably bonded and repaired.


Opened adhesive cartridges can be stored and used later.
Forced mixing of both components through proven mixing system.
Low volume mixing tube ensures minimal wastage.
Clean and easy to use, does not drip, surface can be texturised.

Rapid Cure without exothermic reaction.
Elastic High Strength bonding, resists shrinkage, weather and aging, also temperature resistant from -40° C. to +125° C.

• Permanently resistant to: dirty water, mineral oils, fuels, solvents, battery acid and alkalis.

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