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Interview in the German trade Magazine for Used Car Traders “Gebrauchtwagen Praxis”

SONS Reparatursysteme GmbH
is an OEM supplier to world-leading car manufacturers and importers. The SONS Auto Glass Repair Systems has, for more than 10 years, been used in many of their workshops. In an interview, SONS CEO Egbert Langnaes what the after-market and used car dealers must pay for laminated windscreen repairs.
Editor: Mr. Langnaes, what damage on car windscreens can be repaired instead of replacing the whole windscreen?
Egbert Langnaes: Basically, stone chips are always repairable, if the legally prescribed limits are adhered to, cracks in the windscreen may not be more than 5 cm and the diameter of the impact point, must not exceed 5 mm. Also, the damage must be outside the driver’s “straight ahead” view area is. Statistically, we can repair around 70% of all stone chips. The remaining 30% fall outside the legal repair limits. Here then an exchange of the windscreen is essential.
Editor: Must a used car salesman attend training, or can he
start immediately after buying a repair system?
Egbert Langnaes: An introduction to the method of repair is recommended at all times. It is important to get a feel for the handling of tools. Without the necessary training it’s possible to make serious mistakes. There is the danger that one increases the damage or even destroys  the windscreen. With an improper repair a car will fail its next MOT test. We offer our customers a cost effective solution, training on site. The repair is carried out while training on a vehicle belonging to the customer. In this manner the installer has made the first repair before being left to his own devices.
Editor: What should the used car dealer pay attention to when buying a repair system?
Egbert Langnaes: First and foremost, the repair kit must be adequately equipped. Essential Equipment includes: a special tool to open the damaged area, vacuum pumps and sufficient repair compound to effect several repairs. Also important are a UV lamp and detailed repair instructions. Also in our set, customers will find a 12 volt drill, and a special glass cutter set is also included. This allows the damaged area to be optimally prepared for the repair. Of course, the quality of the tools is critical. A long warranty and good customer care are also a must when searching for the right product.

The interview was conducted by
Alexander Czombera

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Fully Functional Repair

Section "Trends + News" in the journal "Lackiererblatt"
(German Trade Magazine for Paint-shops)

Stone chip repairs on laminated glass can represent a considerable and profitable extra income for paint-shops and body-shops. A relatively small amount of material is necessary for these repairs, as the company SONS Repartursysteme GmbH reported, their repair systems provide lucrative extra turnover at excellent hourly rates. Whilst the overall repair time for an average stone-chip is usually between 45 and 60 minutes, the majority of that time consists of waiting time, when staff can concentrate on other tasks. If the stone chip damage is detected during a service or repair, the customer should be made aware of the possibility of repair.

For customers with comprehensive insurance, this repair is free. With most insurance companies not only waiving the excess and protecting the no-claims bonus, but also If, following the issue of the repair order, the damage proves to be non-repairable, a replacement windscreen will be authorised on the same terms. By authorizing the repair method by the Federal Minister for Transport (transport Journal StV 13/36.20.10-01 published by 02/06/1986), there are no concerns. All testing organizations (TÜV, DEKRA etc) certify that a stone chip repair will not invalidate the vehicle test certificate. The procedure for the repair is relatively simple: After opening the impact site, "liquid glass", a special resin, is injected. It is injected at high pressure into even the finest cracks. Any air having been previously removed by a vacuum. The resin is hardened by UV light. Finall bumps are removed and the surface polished. It’s now almost impossible to identify the damaged area. The laminated glass is technically sound again, the vehicle is ready for immediate use.

SONS Auto Glass Repair System "Professional" comes in an aluminium case, contains all the necessary materials for stone chip repair, and a detailed set of repair instructions.

Copy of editorial report from

Lackiererblatt from January 2006

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Step by step plastic repairs

Section "Trends + News" in the journal "Lackiererblatt"
(German Trade Magazine for Paint-shops)

All too often, repairs to damaged plastic parts are achieved by simply replacing the whole damaged part with a new one that is primed, painted and fitted. The use of SONS-MIX ® plastic repair system makes replacement of the component unnecessary, and therefore presents a lucrative alternative for Paint-shops & Body-shops.

SONS Plastic Repair System makes it cost-effective and easy to undertake structural and cosmetic repairs on plastic parts. The applications are very broad. The body and paint shop, the system is used in the repair of cracks, holes or scratches in bumpers, headlight holders, spoilers and other plastic panels. SONS plastic repair system forms a permanently flexible, high strength, fast curing solution. Structured plastic surfaces can be re-textured after the repair and can then be painted as required.

The repair consists of four steps. First, the substrate is pretreated. All water-soluble contaminants are removed. A special cleaner then removes oil and silicone-borne impurities. The damaged area is sanded and cleaned again. pretreatment is completed with the use of a bonding agent (primer).

The 2nd Step is the bonding and strengthening process of the surface to be repaired is treated accordinbg to the severity of the damage, and, if necessary, the area is reinforced with one or two layers of special reinforcing tape. After repeated cleaning and application of primer, the third step begins. Irregularities are smoothed with a filler. This is cured & ready for sanding after 35 minutes at 20 ° C.

In the fourth step, the repair area is primed. With the special primer “Flex-Fill”. This seals and prepares the surface for painting. Excellent flow characteristics ensure that any tiny imperfections or cracks are filled. Textured surfaces can now be re-textured with short bursts from the spray. After about 35 minutes of drying time, the paint is applied.

Thus, the SONS Plastic Repair System an ideal addition to any Paint-shop, and as the manufacturers claim, it offers permanently elastic repairs that are: temperature resistant (-40 to 125 ° C.), as well as weather-and age-resistant.

Copy of the editorial report

Lackiererblatt from September 2007

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