First-class repairs can only be achieved with first class tools products!

SONS proven high quality materials and repair systems ensure your repairs on laminated glass and plastic accessories are technically and visually perfect. On top of that, they offer excellent profitability for you, the operator, cost savings for the customer, and, at the same time, offer ecologically sound alternatives to replacement.

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All our auto glass repair kits come exclusively with our special UV repair resin for laminated glass. This complies with all relevant EU and German legal and regulatory requirements (REACH, RoHS​​).

SONS Special UV Resin for Laminated Glass has excellent flow and capillary properties. This ensures that even hairline cracks and  fissures are completely filled, sealed and repaired. The repair is stable, even after years of service. There’s no annoying odour and the product is approved for use on Train Safety Glazing.

With comprehensive individual training and support, combined with our sophisticated, low-cost compounds we try to break down barriers and introduce new solutions to problems.
In order to reduce vehicle repair and insurance costs, Stone chip repairs on laminated glass and repairs on plastic components and body parts and will need to become as everyday as repairs to metal bodywork.

Isn’t it time for YOU to join us?

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