Terms & Conditions of Sale

§ 1 Scope, Customer Information

The following terms and conditions govern the contractual relationship between SONS Repartursysteme GmbH; SONS Shop and the consumers and entrepreneurs who buy goods from our shop. Opposing or deviating from our terms and conditions is not be accepted by us. The original contract language is German. In the event of differences between different language versions of this contract the German version will prevail.

§ 2 Declaration

The offers on the Internet provide a non-binding invitation for you to buy our goods.

After entering your information and clicking the order button, you make a binding offer to conclude a purchase contract. You can also make a binding order by phone or fax.

Upon receipt of your order we will immediately send a confirmation of receipt. At this time the acceptance of your offer and the contract of sale is thereby completed. In a telephone order, the sales contract is made immediately upon our acceptance of your offer. If the offer is not immediately accepted, then you are no longer bound by it.

§ 3 Customer Information and Storage of the Contract data

The Contract data with details of items bought are stored by us. There is no internet access to this information.

§ 4 Customer Information: Correction Notice

You can correct your input before submitting the order at any time using the delete key. We will inform you on the way through the process of further corrections.

§ 5 Return costs in case of Cancellation or Return

In the event of cancellation you must bear, the full cost of returning the goods to us. Additional costs, for example if caused by a change in our business address or through our insistence upon a more expensive transport service are charged to us.

§ 6 Retention of title

The goods remain our property until full payment is received.

§ 7 Limitation of your warranty

Warranty for goods sold to Consumers
Your warranty due to failure in used goods is limited to one year after delivery of the item sold to you. Exempted from this rule are: compensation claims, claims for defects, information about which we withheld, and claims under a guarantee that we have applied to the condition of the item. For these excluded claims, the statute of limitations is 12 months from the time of delivery.

Warranty for entrepreneurs
Your warranty claims for defects in the goods shall expire one year from the transfer of risk. Exempted from this rule, compensation claims, claims for defects, information about which we withheld,, and claims under a guarantee that we have applied to the condition of the item.

§ 8 Limitation

We exclude liability for negligent breach of duty unless it relates to contractual obligations, damages resulting from injury to life, limb or health, guarantees or claims under the Product Liability Act. The same applies to any of our agents and our legal representatives the contractual obligations in particular the obligation to hand over the goods and retention of title thereto. We further warrant that all items supplied by us are free from physical and legal defects.

§ 9 Commercial Jurisdiction

The exclusive venue for any business to business disputes arising from this contract is our registered office.

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